Anthony Pie Architecture was launched in early 2010, a highly personalised architecture practice specialising in residential architecture.

Anthony Pie Architecture works closely with individual clients, creating houses that appropriately and sensitively adapt classical tastes to modern lifestyles.

Proportion, character and style are paramount to the design process, creating houses that will truly be lived in.

Not slavish to any one architectural tradition, Anthony Pie Architecture designs houses that depart slightly from the perfection of any ideal, think classical with a twist, a houses that is unique to its own client and the moment.

For new houses, tradition might speak in the perfection of scale and proportion, the detailed craftsmanship and quality of materials and hardware. But while wonderfully familiar, Anthony Pie designed houses and rooms remain fresh and original.

For home renovations, Anthony Pie Architecture is passionate about giving a new life for an old residence, but without obliterating its past or voiding it of personality.

In short, creating beautiful houses – of any age, scale or style –always in classical good taste, but with more than a nod to the present.

About Anthony

Anthony Pie is an Australian born architect with over 25 years experience in four countries.

Anthony studied in Queensland, then trained and travelled extensively in London and the UK.

A chance meeting in London with his American wife saw Anthony relocate to the USA for several years visiting and soaking in the architecture cities like Boston, Chicago, Charleston, Atlanta, and smaller towns of Virginia, soaking up the diverse architecture styles of some of the countries finest residences.

Upon returning to Australia Anthony spent 20 years in corporate architectural world, designing major hospitality projects, residential high rise buildings, as well a several custom design houses.

Aside from undertaking numerous prestigious residential and hospitality projects across the globe, Anthony always retained his love for designing residences.